What We Do

Our programming revolves around service, education, and community.

Our main initiatives:

Through our Silver Bridge blog, we provide helpful or entertaining content for our elderly. Our posts are divided into the Culture, Global, Our Stories, Health, and Tech categories. Some of our favorite series are “Understanding Generation Z and “Device Description”.

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We create content for our Intergenerational Curriculum to educate youth on the issues our seniors face. Our Intro To mini-lessons span topics from the financial burdens of nursing home care to hypertension and macular degeneration. We also run a weekly fast fact series called Tidbit Time.

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Kicking off 2022 with a new initiative, the IM-AGE community engagement portfolio, we aim to reshape relationships and elder-centered education.

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Through our Geriatric Care Resources initiative, we write resource guides to provide healthy living tips and promote good habits for elders. Our content revolves around topics like personal hygiene, movement, diabetes, and nutrition.

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We release our Tidbit Time slides of a fact, reflection, and challenge. In this way, we keep youth learning and thinking about our elderly community through providing comprehensive, concise information along with an engaging call-to-action activity.

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We have kickstarted the Senior Superhero series, creating and sharing fan art for elderly superheroes! So far, we have celebrated primatologist/humanitarian Jane Goodall, South Korean actress Yuh-Jung Youn, fashion designer Vera Wang, author/illustrator Eric Carle, and former South African President Nelson Mandela.

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We interview seniors from different walks of life and share their stories for the world to hear through our Senior Storytelling podcast.

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In August, we held our first-ever World Senior Citizen’s Day Celebratory Challenge, inviting people worldwide to reflect upon the elders in their lives. Youth across the US took part, thanking our amazing seniors 🙂 We are pumped for next year as well!

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More of our projects:

We have written The Pun Papers, a joke book with punny stories as well as lists of themed puns. Hopefully, our elderly will laugh a lot and enjoy reading them. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

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We have compiled a Nostalgic Nod playlist on YouTube of 50 memorable tunes. We hope our seniors will enjoy listening to these songs as they reminisce on their beautiful memories that the music brings forth.

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We are collecting heartfelt artwork for our new Art from Our Heart program to create an online art gallery for seniors to enjoy — we hope to bring smiles to their faces! If you would like to contribute, please upload your artwork (digital pieces or scans) to this form.

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Our Anti-Alzheimer’s League fundraiser on GoFundMe helps combat and take action against the threatening Alzheimer’s Disease. Each donation makes an impact in supporting the work of the Alzheimer’s Association.

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Our video series:

Our My Thought Collage series aims to create a safe space for both seniors and youth to take a break and reflect on their mental state. We hope to promote emotional hygiene and a peaceful state of mind.

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We recently launched the Digital Grandchild program of videos that help seniors understand cultural elements of the lives of Generation Z youth, from common slang terms to popular apps to tutorials on how to use various technological devices and platforms.

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Sudoku With Me is a fun platform for seniors to solve Sudoku puzzles along a youth who loves to do so. Sudoku has been shown time and time again to reap cognitive benefits, especially for older adults, and we hope that this series will encourage seniors to follow along!

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